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Advantages 优势

高亮度 High Glossiness

Our material has not only a special crystallized structure,but also a special glass matrix structure.Its texture is delicate and its surface is crystal and bright. And it can produce a diffusive reflection effect for absorbing light.

高耐磨度 High Wear Resistance

超级纳米微晶石的分子微晶粒径达到纳米级。纤维状晶体分子结构为用户提供了圆切、钻孔、雕刻 45° 切割等边缘设计加工的优良材料,抗压强度高。
The molecular micro-grain size reaches nanometer level. Fibrous crystal molecular structure achieves excellent materials with high compressive and processing, such as circular cutting. drilling, sculpture and 45 degree cutting.

高耐热性 Good Temperature Resistance

纳米微晶石可承受 -18°C 至 800°C 的温度范围,不影响结构,颜色和形状。
Nano crystallized glass can withstand the temperature range from 
-18°C to 800°C without any effects on the structure,color and shape.

耐酸性 Acid & Alkali Resistance

Resistance it has extremely high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, the color will not fade off, strength stays same after a long period.

零吸水率 Zero Water Absorption

The water absorption rate is 0.004%, almost zero water absorption. Oil,liquid, stains and other liquids will not penetrate into the interior. No dirt absorption, which makes it easy and convenient to be cleaned.

零辐射 Zero Radiation

Non-radioactive,environmental friendly and reusable.

可热弯异型 Hot Bendable

Crystallized glass stone can be made into various curved shapes by heating method, It has the advantages of simple process and reasonable cost, avoiding the disadvantages of normal stones such as difficulties in curved shaping, longer processing time and much materials waste etc.

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